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You Can’t Coach Speed…We Were Born With It.
We’ve proven, you can be compliant, fast, and have great rates! Currently over 79% (yes, 79%!) of our loans are cleared to close (C 2C) within twelve business days, but we know we can get better.

Direct Lenders, LLC is not for everyone

As a full-service mortgage banker, Direct Lenders, LLC is certainly not for everyone. We are specifically designed to provide already successful purchase business loan originators with the best opportunity to expand their market share in an increasingly competitive, sophisticated, compliance driven, and technologically oriented marketplace.

Our goal is to help loan originators grow their business to emerge as mortgage powerhouses in their marketplace by improving their C 2C, by equipping them with proven tools, systems, and support that allows them to do what they do best... Originate and close more loans - Quickly!

Direct Lenders, LLC brings to its Mortgage Loan Originator team members, the knowledge, flexibility and expertise of a dominant regional retail mortgage banker, with the infrastructure and capabilities of a national powerhouse!

Why Switch?

  • 12 day C 2C (We are fast... Really Fast)
  • Great rates with a financially stable company
  • High Compensation Structure
  • Sales Assistant program for high performing loan officers
  • Upfront Underwriting - We fully underwrite every file at the beginning of the loan process
  • Comprehensive marketing support - Standardized and automated marketing for all loan officers to facilitate contact with your clients and retention of their clients
  • Ability to expand your market to 10 states
  • Full service mortgage banker from beginning to end

If you are currently a successful, and driven Mortgage Loan Originator of integrity, funding $750,000 a month or more, and believe with the right tools you could double your production, Direct Lenders, LLC is interested in providing you those tools.

Call us today at (877) 455-0440 or email your resume and work bio to

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